SpeedTest Installation

3 Easy ways to install: JS API, .NET API, EasyEmbed API.

Install on your own website!

Installation instructions:

You will need to use your Own CSS!
There are two methods you can use to install SpeedTest, you can download and manually install or you can copy and paste the following.
The first option is for developers ONLY. And shouldn't be used by anyone if you don't intend to use it for that purpose.

Step 1 Add Reference to JS :

Be sure to use the latest release as Old Versions will stop working - once depreciated they will be moved and a Error Message with "Contact Administration, No JS file detected"
Beta: This is entirely in beta, so please give me time to update it and make fixes.

Step 2 : Add HTML Snippet

To make it work you simply need a qualifying element with the Id="progress" to make it work.

Step 3 : Extending The Portable Version

Extending is very easy, a article is available here


View the .NET API Here